Kingdom Living Feb 2019

Our first studies in February 2019 will be based around the theme of Kingdom Living.  Led by Scott Osborne, the studies will cover the Sermon on the Mount from Matt 5 to 7 over four thematic studies:

Citizens of the Kingdom: Aimed at establishing that the Kingdom is here and now as well as a future possession and that we are citizens of the Kingdom now.

The Righteousness of the Kingdom: Aimed at establishing that righteousness is developed in the character of one who has a “Kingdom Heart” and unfolds from within.

Invitation to enter the Kingdom: Aimed at placing God at the centre of our being and that we exist only in fellowship with Him. This is about adopting the Kingdom Heart.

Kingdom Living Here and Now: Aimed at bringing the theory to life in developing an enduring character living out the Kingdom Heart. Fulfilment comes from a life anchored in Jesus and in fellowship with God.

Please join us on Wednesday Nights in February 2019!

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