Our authentic relationship with God will connect ourselves and others.

Our mission is to create a welcoming inclusive community, both well connected internally and with an external outreach focus. We are determined to interweave Growth and Worship in what we do to create an integrated authentic community giving Glory to God in all we do

To grow and worship effectively, we need a connected community. North Brisbane Christadelphians are focussing their energy into building a structure that will make us a strong connected community. To achieve this outcome we have created 3 areas of focus:

Mission – Developing opportunities to share Christ’s message both locally and abroad. Connecting those needing hope, love and a hand up.

Social – Providing opportunities to come together as a family in Christ, to share life together, nurture and purpose, ensuring a welcoming inclusive Community.

Welfare – Mindfully aware of the special needs of our community, Welfare delivers support to those when, where and how they need it to maintain the well being of all God’s children.